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Chris Gullick ()

Dear Pan, 
A few weeks have elapsed since our return from our trip to South East Asia, I thought it about time I contacted you to thank you once again for being our tour guide whilst we were in Cambodia. We would not have seen or visited half the places we went to without your help and first class arrangements. My family and I were really impressed with your knowledge of S.E.Asia and in particular Cambodia, your knowledge of your country was so very informative and interesting,it was very refreshing to meet someone with so much enthusiasm and passion for his country.

There are many places you took us to which we could say was the highlight of our tour but the one that stands out was our visit to the schools to see the children some of whom were orphans, the look of happiness on their faces as we gave them a few pencils and scribbling pads was truly a most humbling experience, We will never forget the songs they sang to us when it was time to leave.

I hope that one day we can meet up again but in the meantime we wish the best of luck to you and your family keep up the good work and a big thanks once again. Please do not hesitate to use this letter as a recommendation and please contact me if I can be of any help to you.

Yours Sincerely Chris Gullick.. 

Ruta and all Lithuanian team (Lithuania)

Dear Panha, 

We are back from our long trip to Thailand and Cambodia and want to thank  you once more for the best memories we have brought with us back home from  Cambodia! This trip was unforgettable and now we are recommending Cambodia  to all our friends. The organization of the trip was excellent and we are very thankful to you! 

We are sending you some pictures (some additional very nice ones will come in the nearest days). Please give our kindest regards and thanks from us to Olvy and Thea (?), our guides. 

We wish you all the best in your business and promiss to send you additional clients from Lithuania or also other countries. 

Sincerely yours,

Ruta and all Lithuanian team - Arturas, Nijole, Nikolajus, Linas, Violeta  

Jennifer & Suneel Nagda ()

Dear Panha, 
Hello from the United States! We hope you are well, and that you have had a peaceful and successful year since we met.

Our friend Erica says that she and her brother are enjoying their tour with you immensely. Hearing from her has brought back a flood of memories of our extraordinary visit to Cambodia and the time we spent with you at Angkor last September.

For the last year we have intended to send you a few photographs from our trip, which we have now attached to this email. We have these photographs in an album, and look at them frequently. When we do, we remember all of your insights into Angkor itself, as well as the people and the culture of Cambodia.
Again, we hope that you, your family, and your son are doing well. We think of you often, and wish you the very best.
-Jennifer & Suneel Nagda
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Howard and Barbara Bluestone ()

Detail Hello Panha, 
We are home and enjoying our summer weather which is much like your weather now. Of course, ours changes more from day to day. Later I will mail you a book on Chicago.

Upon our return we suffered jet lag and it took about a week for us to adapt to the new times here. But we are back at work and our typical days.

We are reviewing our photos and are sending a few to you. We had a wonderful time with you and thank you again for your expert guide services. How sad we were to leave after 3 days.

We hope you and your family are well and surviving the rainy season. Please keep in touch.
Best regards,
Howard and Barbara Bluestone

Yamuna Harsha & Party (02 Pax), Trip 25-28 Jun 2010 (Singapore)


This is Yamuna Harsha. It was a pleasure to visit the various temples at Siem Reap between Friday and Sunday last.
Since we did not return the questionnaire form, I am sending the feedback to you now:

Tour Guide Services:
1. Level of English - Excellent
2. Knowledge of Cambodia's history and culture - Excellent
3. Morality - Excellent
1. Driving skill - Excellent
2. Service manner - Excellent

3. Car used - Excellent

Accommodation and food
1. Hotel room - Good
2. Restaurants - range from Excellent to Fair
Tour Itinerary - Good

We got to know abt Amazing through a friend named Arun of Singapore

Comments: You could possibly arrange for restaurants to serve good Khmer vegetarian food. At most places I only got sauteed vegetables and rice. Only one restaurant (Eat at Khmer) served curry with rice (which I liked very much).
You should promote Siem Reap more and more in India with low air fares etc. You are sure to get amazing response.
With Best Wishes
Yamuna Harsha
Trip from 25-28 Jun 2010

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